Dr. Carol Rossetti

Doctor of Naturopathy


Family Health & Wellness


 We see Men, Women, and Children who are looking for a means of handling their health issues naturally and without drugs or surgery.  Though allopathic intervention may at times be necessary, it should not be your first choice.

Though we may see you for acute health conditions such as colds, we specialize in Type II Diabetes, Adrenal/Thyroid Connection, Digestive Health, ADHD, Menopause, and Reducing & Eliminating Prescription Drugs.

Our Lite 4 Life Weightloss Program is offered by healthcare providers in several states.  Click Here to find out more

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As Part of Our Elite Transformation Club, you will enjoy not only improved health beginning immediately but also:

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The Total Health and Wellness Program gives you step by step directions on how you can transform your entire body in one year.  It includes nutritional needs, nutritional supplements to help your body recover and repair and all the tools you need to be in total charge of your health and be well on your way to a lifetime of healthy living.

As a member of our Elite Club,  you will have priority access and a 50% Savings on any of our national seminars.  You will be notified about any specials events, speaking engagements, or educational opportunities in your area. 

The Total Health & Wellness Program

The Total Wellness Program that will change your life is available from your healthcare provider, through your company's wellness program, or your organization.  You may also purchase the entire program individually by attending any of our seminars or speaking events.

We are based in Colorado and Indiana.  Speaker fees can be reduced by purchasing programs. Contact us for special prices.

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Use your Time and Money Wisely! 

Become an Elite Member of our Transformation Club.

The Total Health & Wellness Program provides everything you need to completely transform your entire body in just one year.  In one year, you can repair your entire body with the right help.  It is appropriate for adults of all ages regardless of your current health.

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