Help with Chronic Health Conditions At Your Service!!

Becoming an international method of getting help that will make a huge impact on your health and that of your family for all your life!

What is Self Management Health Coaching?

We offer a program that is used by individuals and by healthcare professionals to improve the health of consumers and patients.  All appointments are conducted by telephone or in office.  National Institute of Health says, research demonstrates Self Management greatly improves personal healthcare outcomes. 

Offered by Healthcare Professionals in Your Area

Medical Offices

Chiropractic Offices

Massage Therapists

Psychology Offices

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Are You Dealing With Chronic Pain?

Chronic Health Issues?

Type II Diabetes?

CardioVascular Disease?


Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Tried multiple healthcare providers?

Endured multiple tests?

Massive amounts of aging pharmaceuticals?

​Want to reduce or eliminate prescription drugs?

Are Your Ready For Something Different?

Something that works WITH your body?

Something that recognizes the body's amazing self-healing capabilities?

Initial Consumer Appointment
Appointment includes a complete review of health and lifestyle

 to improve overall health, decrease pharmaceuticals,

and regain health & vitality

Program is developed uniquely for you dealing with self healing, education, and transformation

We will meet weekly for 30 minutes to review your progress or as needed

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Total Health & Wellness Self Management Program

Transformational One Year Program

Turn Your Health Completely Around in One Year or Less

Gain an understanding of how the healthcare system works, how to find answers to help you and your doctor, how small lifestyle changes can produce huge results, and how to regain the vitality and happiness your deserve.  Deals with Chronic Health Issues, Chronic Pain, Emotional Issues and more

Lite 4 Life Natural Weightloss Program

Lose 1/2 to one pound a day and feel great!


We bring a Lunch and Learn series to

your organization, business, or church. Everyone

will be entertained and enlightened.  We promise

to exceed your expectations

Dr. Carol Rossetti, N.D.

Writer, Educator, Speaker

Dr. Carol Rossetti

Doctor of Naturopathy


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