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Programs that improve health for you and your family!                                                                         


Businesses Adding a Wellness Self Management Coaching Component Enjoy Lower Healthcare Rates and Improved Productivity!


Real Wellness does not come from how many drugs a person takes but from how much they are willing to take a good look at their diet, overall health, lifestyle, and habits.

While we all know that change is not easy and sometimes scarry, our staff of experts speaks and presents seminars that takes away the scarry and replaces it with hope. 

We conduct 30 minute visits with everyone who wishes to participate and assist them to be better self managers of their health.

How Do We Do It?

We have a staff of professionals nationally, who can come to your business, conference, or seminar. 

We are available as Key Note speakers, seminar speakers, or conference speakers.

You can purchase either the Lite for Life Weightloss Program or the Total Health and Wellness Program for the participants or we can make it available to attendees.

Our Coaching appointments are reasonably priced and conducted by trained professional healthcare coaches.

We also offer discounts in speaking costs in exchange for program purchases.  Contact us for details.

Each program kit includes: books, and booklets for all initial participants, all required forms, and an administrator binder.

To Schedule an initial presentation for any of our programs or  have a speaker at your event, Click Here.  You may use the contact form or you can give us a call.

Healthcare Professionals who add a natural component to their practice or a Self Management program enjoy better patient loyalty and referrals.

Are you looking for programs that bring more patients to your office?  Look no further.  Lite 4 Life Natural Weightloss is sweeping the nation because it not only works fast but the patient is healthy throughout the process, their energy skyrockets, and they become a great referral for you. 

Your patients are looking for ways to end the yo-yo of weightloss and more importantly to become the healthy and active self they desire. 

If you are currently practicing Functional Medicine or are contemplating a Functional Medicine start-up, why not begin by offering our Total Health and Wellness Program or our Lite 4 Life Weightloss Program.  Your practice will grow and you will find your patients are excited to refer you to their friends and family.

Do you have some patients who seem to be using a lot of pharmaceuticals, treatments, etc but do not seem to be getting better?  How about adding a Self Management Program to your practice?  Self Management Coaching is touted by the National Institute of Health as a means for helping people get better by way of lifestyle changes.  Your patients will love you and they will tell all their friends.

You can purchase Either the Total Health and Wellness Program or the Lite 4 Life Weightloss Program or you can purchase a package that includes both.  Self Management Program can be taught by one of your own staff or it can be taught via telephone by one of our coaches.  Training is available for your staff at our beautiful Rocky Mountain Office or via telephone.

Each program kit includes a set of books and booklets, all  necessary forms,  a supplement membership to purchase at 35-40% below retail.  We are also available to speak to your medical group, seminar, or conference to kick -off the programs.

For more information and pricing,

Click Here.  You may use the contact form or you can give us a call.